For the first time in my life since I've been walking with Jesus, I don't feel condemned all the time and the extreme sense I'm going to hell when I don't walk perfectly. The cloud of fear has lifted. The anxiety lifted. I can think clearly. I was experiencing pain in my body that completely disappeared. I'm so grateful. The curse of barrenness has been broken and I'm able to really believe that it's not too late and God can and will restore what the canker worm and locust have eaten and that He will settle me in my home as a joyful mother of children.

Jamie Copeland

Excited to be joining you for this retreat again soon! Since the first retreat, I have experienced freedom and healing from major depression (which I had been combating for over a year) and seasonal depression (SAD) which I have struggled with for 30+ years!!! Praying that many more women will be blessed by this powerful ministry. 💕

Anna H


The Encounter gave me strength to release unresolved issues that were holding me back from receiving the full power of God's love.


The Encounter gave me a better appreciation for and understanding of forgiving and letting go. I released pain and hurt I had buried thinking burying it had released it. I also now understand the importance of the Word and staying in the Word.


I was made more aware of the Father's love and that He is not limited in what He can do. Because of that love, I realize I don't need to look for acceptance anywhere else.



The Encounter is a God-breathed opportunity for us to grow. It's miraculous, actually!

Judith Hamilton

It was such a blessing to attend the Journey to Renewal Retreat. Even though we came from different places/circumstances in our lives, it was amazing to see how God used Andrea’s teaching and ministry to touch so many of us. To get to know some women in a deeper way was also a blessing for me. What I experienced in a weekend will continue to have a lasting impact on my life and hopefully, others as well. I would encourage any woman, whether a new believer, mature Christian, or non-believer to attend and see what God has for you.

Rachel J.


Words cannot express my admiration and appreciation to you for your unsurpassed ministry and wonderful instincts, graciousness and compassion.

Maria W.

First and foremost, I praise and thank God for you. You truly have a gifting to reach the women of the body of Christ. You have joined with the heart of God concerning the hurting and broken women that want to be restored to their Savior. Hallelujah! Many women (even people in general) need to know the love of God. They need to know that they are so precious and valuable in the eyes of their Savior! Being set free and drawing deeper into the heart of Jesus is truly the will of God. I need to thank you personally, because you took me under your wing. I love how you listened to the voice of God and embraced your calling and ministry. When you met me, I was seeking direction and mentorship. At that point in my life, I was in the process of being reconciled to God from years of distance and tremendous heartache. I just wanted to re-align with God, to live in my own calling, and be close to the heart of God. Through this ministry, I became more focused on the vision God gave me.

Gwen E.

So much freedom! I just know my heart and mind are different, clearly changed! Praise The Lord! Deeper obedience out of His love. Thank you 💌 

Gail S 

Dear Andrea,
Thank you for the wonderful weekend of teaching, worship, ministry, fellowship, and eating at the Beulah Beach retreat. I feel lighter in my soul and so appreciate your personal ministry to me.
May God bless you, refresh you, and continue to guide and inspire you in further outreach of teaching, inspiration, and ministry to others.
Kathy C

Andrea, I've been wanting to tell you that God has used you in such a powerful way in my life. His Word and worship is back in my home! The Holy Spirit healed a wound that was so deep, and now I have joy again through his Word and worship music! You are changing women's lives. You are walking out your purpose. Love you very much. Something else that God brought me through you is obedience.

Continue to push forward. God's plans are perfect. Have a beautiful day 😘"
Myra R

This encounter was phenomenal! I began to see the Cross as I have never seen it before. Pastor Mike
and Andrea allowed the Holy Spirit to move through them giving me a personal touch from my Father in
Heaven. I believe I  have been healed spirit, soul and body. I saw Jesus with me. Thank you Andrea for your obedience to the Lord for it has changed me and I know it has changed Tiffany.

Joyce S.

Life Changing.   Empowering.   Freeing.   Fostering a greater love relationship with Jesus.

I was taught, loved, supported, and encouraged without feeling judged or condemned.

I left with a feeling of being washed clean, with excitement to trust God more. I feel Jesus’ touch more now in my thought life, my walk with him and in my love walk with others.

I am more grounded in how much Jesus loves me. I love him more and think of him much more during my day, which allows me to talk to him, pray to him and worship.  I am noticing those around me,  praying silently for them, being open to sensing need or connection I might make.

What I have written are mere words. It is hard to convey the growth and beauty and wonder Iexperienced. It was an experience in which I encountered the miraculous.

I pray you experience the touch of God in your life should you decide to participate in an Encounter weekend.


Has your life been impacted by this Ministry? Then please take a moment to share below!




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