Who are We?

We are followers of Jesus who train and equip other followers of Jesus  to become leaders and teach them how to do the same.


What is our Vision?

Rescue. Strengthen. Disciple. Multiply.

Why is this our Vision?

It provides the framework for us to: 

  • put into action God's Vision for our life as it unfolds in the first Account of the Creation story (Gen chap 1 & 2: 1-2) and
  • do our part to fulfill the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:18-20)

How do we impart the Vision?

Simply put, we practice Jesus-style discipleship.

We follow the example of Jesus who preached to the multitudes but poured Himself into His 12. By this we mean He built relationships with His 12, imparted His vision and taught them how to do the same. In other words, He made disciples.

We have found investing time in believers to build relationships, along with ministry under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to be fruitful in making leaders who themselves become fruitful and multiply.


Sounds like what you have been searching for? Then, let's connect and do this journey together...