Andrea’s BIO

Andrea Meyer

"My heart's desire is to be used of the Holy Spirit to facilitate spiritual renewal in women and restoration of families, locally, nationally and internationally."

Andrea Meyer’s story begins in the island nation of Jamaica. Raised by her maternal grandparents, Mrs. Meyer, born Andrea King, was on the corporate fast track earning a Master’s degree in Accounting and Chartered Accountant status. Her life was perfect—or so some people thought. She cruised up the corporate ladder advancing quickly, but something was missing. In June 2000, Andrea, who had long rebelled against her Christian upbringing, responded to an invitation to attend Hosanna Praise Tabernacle in Kingston. That night she had a dramatic conversion experience and from that moment on, she has not wavered in her pursuit of Jesus.

In the summer of 2002 after a short courtship, Andrea married Michael. He is an ordained AG minister and they have three teenage sons. This union began a journey that led the couple from working with a pastor who has the 2nd largest church in the world to working with at-risk youth.

Andrea currently leads Journey to Renewal Ministries which she founded in 2017 and co-leads The Refreshing Place with her husband.
Andrea’s gifting has brought revival and transformation to the lives of many women and restoration to their families. She gives all honor and praise for this to God and God alone.

Her heart’s desire is to continue to play her role in fulfilling the Great Rescue Mission by reaching multitudes of women around the world with the love of Jesus and facilitating spiritual renewal in their lives as well as engagement in Jesus-style discipleship.

“Andrea has been beside me in ministry and I can tell you she is powerful. There is an anointing on her life and when she begins to engage in ministry to help people, the Spirit of God begins to move and she moves in the gifts; she has a prophetic flow; she sees things; she hears the heart of God; she speaks life into death; she speaks truth into lies; and she brings blessings where there aren’t.” - Rev. Michael Meyer

"As her early spiritual mentor, I kept encouraging her to attend church until one Wednesday evening, she attended our Bible Study at Hosanna Praise Tabernacle and then the spiritual breakthrough came in her life. Her spiritual development was as dramatic as the Apostle Paul's, who was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit almost instantaneously. Andrea's spiritual life grew by leaps and bounds and within months of spiritual rebirth, Andrea's gifting was recognized by the church. She began ministering and praying for the healing of persons. Within a year, she began preaching, and every time she ministered, not only was the church packed, but several persons were saved, healed and slain in the Spirit." - Rev. Dr. Orville Neil