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Reverend Michael Meyer

Life’s hardships had directed me down a dark path but that all changed in 1985 when I had a two out of body (and possibly death) experiences. Both experiences were intensely spiritual but the last one brought me before God for a personal encounter. I thought I was dead for sure and was not coming back.

There is a story that leads up to the encounter but what I want to focus on here is the encounter itself and its lasting effects with the amazing changes in my life. The first experience was on New Year’s Eve of 1985 and the second one was in May 1985 when I was summoned before God. Suddenly I was transported from this world in an explosion of light that seemed to swallow me up and take me away. I was brought before God, whom I could see was at a distance behind a podium with a book on it. I moved at the blurring speed of thought to instantly be immersed in the presence and holiness of God. To be in the direct presence of the Almighty, all-knowing, Sovereign and creator of all things was terrifying and overwhelming.
The sense of awe was paralyzing as I lay prostrate with my face to the floor. All my strength was gone and I was terrified to even look up because God was there.

First, out of the corner of my eye, I could see a single podium with a book that had recorded my life story. Next,  the movie of my life starting from the point of birth up until then, began to play. God was in the background but I dared not be so presumptuous and shameless to look upon him. His mighty presence was everywhere and I could feel His piercing gaze. Then, as I watched my life 'movie' play before God, the ultimate Judge, I shrank into a feeling of nothingness and sank into despair as I realized the magnitude of my sin and guilt. The majesty of God and His holiness made me feel so awkward. My mind was racing trying to figure out what to do as I considered the realities of heaven and hell knowing I did not deserve to go to heaven. I felt so naked and exposed because even my thoughts were known to God. Try to imagine the horror and excruciating torture of thinking you may be going to hell that I was being confronted with. The truth was a surprise and for all of my sin and bad choices there was no excuse or anyone else to blame. My situation was bleak but an option came to mind that gave me hope.

While God was showing me the documentary of my life He allowed me to sense the sorrow and sadness of his heart. My life had grieved God by wasting it with sin and not living for His purpose. I knew I was unworthy to look upon God and I heard no voice from Him yet I sensed his love and compassion. I acknowledged my sin, confessed my ignorance and said to God, “I will live for you if you let me live”. Then I waited in agony to discover the outcome because I did not know if God would have mercy on me or not.

Suddenly, I disappeared from God’s manifest presence and found myself at home alone with a new lease on life. My heart was pounding fast and I had a weird nervous peace. I was relieved that God released me to come back and live for him. Wow, what an extremely intense, mind blowing and life altering experience! I felt so alive and different because I was. Emotions that were once dead were now vibrant and enhanced to enjoy and appreciate life. I felt different because I was. I knew I was born again. Previously the terminology was of no concern to me but now it’s a badge of honor even though some misrepresent the title.

Yes, I have kept my word and commitment to God. There has been no turning back for me ever since then. God always keeps his Word. The Holy Spirit continues to enable me to live for God because of his faithfulness and grace.

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